Birth Control has Changed our Sexual Habits

There are a vast number of people who live, go to school and or work in the city who are all sexually active and single. Most sexually active people have possibly had more than one sexual partner. With the advantages of birth control our society has become freer in the bedroom and birth control has changed our sexual habits and requirements.  Unfortunately with the wide spread use of birth control has not decrease the number of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  STDs are a wide spread problem most people do not think about until it is too late. Chances are fairly good that there is a facility that you can get tested for STDs at within walking distance located just around the corner in most cities.

Changes with the Introduction of Birth Control

Sex is a natural human instinct for both sexes.  Even before birth control became popular, many women desired to share their bed with a man, but unwanted pregnancy and the stigma and hardship that followed a woman with a child born out Birth Control - The Pillof wedlock was not desirable enough for women to allow themselves the pleasantries that men took for granted; that is, if a male could find a willing female. Needless to say before birth control and marriage seemed to be the only option for couples. Birth control has changed our sexual habits and our thought process considerably and we no longer marry our sex partner. Also, birth control seemed to open other doors for women who have changed their minds about marriage, careers and children. For women, one might say the pill is power.

Sexual Infections

With power over sexual choices come other problems like STDs, not just for women but for men too. It seems today people love having sex and they love talking about sex. Yet, the conversations about STDs and testing for STDs are at a whisper. In this country, we have a large population of people living with STDs and do not know it. STDs are sneaky. Most STDs will have little or no symptoms, so it does not make sense why people ignore the easy resource of STD testing.

Regular testing for STDs

STD testing is an easy and effect process to know where a person stands when it comes to such a vital issue as STDs. Our country has numerous STD clinics. A person can call and talk to a professional who will schedule an STD testing appointment either the same day or the next day. A person most likely will not get into a doctor’s office that quickly. Also, it is nearly impossible to guarantee complete privacy if you get tested for STDs at a doctor’s office or the family doctor. At an STD clinic the professionals are geared to each patient’s confidentiality and they are driven to make each STD testing appointment as easy, stress free and accurate as possible. When a patient arrives for their appointment they will be asked to have a simple blood draw and give a urine sample, nothing else. The patient can pay for the test and not have to use their insurance in order to keep the information of their visit to an STD clinic confidential. Within forty-eight hours of the STD testing the patient will receive the results. If the results of the tests come back positive, a professional is on staff to offer counseling. So often when a person finds out they have an STD it is far more devastating than the actual STD.

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