If you just found out that you have an STD, know that you are not alone and that treatment is possible. There are over 65 million Americans are currently living with an STD.

The first step is to become educated and well informed on your STD. Confilabs recommends that you call 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636) to talk to professionals who can provide you with information and brochures for your partners and for yourself.

Living with an STD

It is very important that you get treated, so your next step should be visiting a trusted professional.

Your sex life does not have to end despite your condition; you simply must take realistic approaches in order to protect future partners from contracting the STD. Be sure that you are open and honest in your communication with partners regarding your sexual history and health.

Telling a partner can be nerve-wracking, but most people are grateful for your honesty above all else. If you are nervous, try practicing the conversation in your mirror or with a trusted friend. Choose a private and neutral setting in which to tell your partner. Speak with confidence, know your facts, and remain calm throughout the conversation.

If your partner is not supportive and accepting of your condition, then he or she is not the right partner for you. Be sure that you are being treated with respect by any and all sexual partners, and treat your partners with respect by being up-front about your STD.

Remember that millions of other Americans are also living with an STD, and there is treatment available to you. You have not done anything wrong, so know that your STD does not define who you are as a person. To prevent further conditions from arising, be sure to use protection during sex and get treated regularly at a Confilabs clinic near you.

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